Fast Tag NZ Racing Car Fire Extinguisher Kit (small)

Fast Tag NZ Racing Car Fire Extinguisher Kit (small)




Fast Tag NZ Dry Powder Small (1KG) Racing Vehicle fire extinguisher. It comes with 2 brackets: A regular garage bracket and a Heavier Duty vibration resistant bracket for in-vehicle use. A 1KG extinguisher will handle a normal vehicle fire.

This dry Powder extinguisher is rated for Fire Classes A,B , E (liquids, Solids and electrical). Rated at 1A:20B:E this product is fully compliant with NZ Standards.

Dry Powder is an inexpensive and very efficient way to douse vehicle fires. The powder acts as a suppressing blanket that resists attempts by the fire to re-ignite.

While the extinguisher does come with a wall mounting bracket, the heavier duty twin strap quick-release bracket resist more vibration and is easier to release. A larger 2KG model is also available.

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